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Mercy Point




We are in the year 2249. Far from the Earth, to the limit of discovered regions of space by humans, near Sahartic Divide and Jericho Colony is the space station Mercy Point. This station a bit particular is a high tech medical space center. Directed by highly qualified Doctors like Grote Maxwell and Haylen Breslauer, it is the first medical facility designed to treat both humans and aliens encountered along the way since 2097... » Get more informations…

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British release date: January 07, 1999
Us release date: October 06, 1998

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Unknown poster from the series Mercy Point

Main Cast

  • Dr. Grote Maxwell
  • Dr. Haylen Breslauer
  • Dr. Dru Breslauer
  • Dr. Caleb 'C.J.' Jurado
  • ANI - Android Nursing Interf
  • Dr. Rema Cook
  • Dr. Batung
  • Kim
  • Hippocrates
  • Nurse Davies
  • Dr. DeMilla
  • ...
  • Mednaut Cowan
  • Mednaut Westhusing
  • Nagnom


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