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The city of Leroy is shocked : meteorites threaten to crush in the region and to provoke the death of thousands of people. But if all residents do not yield to panic - some continue even to run to their own priorities - a man, Tom Johnson, and his wife, Cath, decide to do their best to avoid the catastrophe...

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Us release date: June 03, 1998

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Unknown poster from the TV movie Meteorites!

Main Cast

  • Tom Johnson
  • Cath Johnson
  • Renee Johnson / Miss UFO
  • Mac Johnson
  • Sheriff John Whitehorse
  • Mayor Cass Cassidy
  • Crystal Cassidy
  • Filbo
  • Tina McConnell
  • Arnold McConnell
  • Sadie McConnell
  • Tracy McConnell
  • Roger Sennett
  • Mort
  • UFO Chaser #1

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