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Soylent Green




It is the year 2022. New York has 40 million residents and the megapolis suffers overpopulation and excessive pollution. Food has nearly disapeared and what little can be found is reserved for the rich. The rest of the population consumes synthetic products manufactured by the Soylent Company. Soylent feeds half of the world with the help of tablets derived of plankton, called "Soylent Yellow", "Soylent Red" and, more recently, the popular "Soylent Green".

Detective Thorn inquires on the murder of William Simonson, an attorney and politician savagely assassinated. The policeman is persuaded that the death is not really a crime and he is determined to discover the truth about Soylent and the Simonson affair...
(Correction Arroxane Ullman)

Us release date: May 09, 1973

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Unknown poster from the movie Soylent Green

Main Cast

  • Detective Thorn
  • Shirl
  • Tab Fielding
  • William R. Simonson
  • Chief Hatcher
  • Martha
  • Sol Roth
  • Gilbert
  • Kulozik
  • The Priest
  • Donovan
  • Charles
  • Gov. Santini
  • The Exchange Leader
  • Usher #1



Also Known As

  • Зеленый сойлент (inc)

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