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On a space station orbiting the ocean-covered planet Solaris, cosmonaut Chris Kelvin arrives to investigate a series of mysterious and bizarre occurrences among the crew. What he discovers are supernatural phenomena that cause repressed and haunting memories to take on physical form, including that of Kelvin's late wife. Through her, Kelvin attempts to communicate with the forces responsible which appear to be emanating from the mysterious planet itself...

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Us poster from the movie Solaris (Solyaris)

Main Cast

  • Khari
  • Kris Kelvin, psikholog
  • Doktor Snaut, kibernetik
  • Anri Berton, pilot
  • Nik Kelvin, otets Krisa Kelv
  • Doktor Sartorius, astrobiolo
  • Mat Krisa Kelvina
  • Syn Anri Bertona
  • Gostya doktora Gribaryana
  • Plemyannitsa Krisa Kelvina
  • Shanakhan, predsedatel komis
  • Professor Tarkhe
  • Anna, tetka Krisa Kelvina
  • Doktor Gribaryan, fiziolog
  • Predsedatel nauchnoy konfere

Also Known As

  • Солярис (inc)

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