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Armed with a newly invented material called the Menger Sponge, a paranormal investigative scientist, Hashimoto, and his team investigate a crime scene. he captures the energy of the ghost: an unidentified 13-year-old boy. Who is this ghost? Why does it kill people? As they get closer to solving the riddle of the boy's past, he learns the horrifying truth. Fearing that the ghost child is dangerous, the team decides to isolate him, but in doing so they unknowingly unleash a mysterious force, a much more powerful and ferocious energy to which the boy somehow seems connected.

Taiwan release date: September 29, 2006

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Taiwan poster from the movie Silk (Gui si)

Main Cast

  • Tung
  • Hashimoto
  • Wei
  • Su
  • Ren
  • Mei
  • Ghost Mother
  • Ghost Child
  • Tung's Mother
  • SWAT Leader
  • James
  • Director
  • Assistant to Director
  • Father
  • Daughter

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