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Small Soldiers




Small Soldiers is one huge adventure. Meet the Commando Elite - toy action figures with an attitude. They've escaped from their boxes along with the Gorgonites, kindhearted but unusual-looking creatures. Now teenager Alan Abernathy gets enlisted to help the Gorgonites and rescue the girl of his dreams before the whole town is turned upside down... » Get more informations…

British release date: October 23, 1998
Us release date: July 10, 1998

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Unknown poster from the movie Small Soldiers

Main Cast

  • Irwin Wayfair
  • Larry Benson
  • Ms. Kegel
  • Gil Mars
  • Alan Abernathy
  • Joe
  • Christy Fimple
  • Timmy Fimple
  • Brad
  • Stuart Abernathy
  • Irene Abernathy
  • Marion Fimple
  • Phil Fimple
  • Satellite Dish Installer
  • Ralph, Clean Room Technician



$40 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$71 743 000

Also Known As

  • The Commando Elite (us)

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