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Short Circuit




An experimental military robot escapes after being struck by lightening, giving it human intelligence. He escapes and finds a home with madcap Stephanie Speck (Ally Sheedy), who believes he is an alien, but hot on his trail are scientists Newton Crosby (Steve Guttenburg) and his assistant (Fisher Stevens), who must get to their creation before the army, who plan to put Number 5 out of service permanently...

British release date: December 05, 1986
Us release date: May 09, 1986

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French poster from the movie Short Circuit

Main Cast

  • Stephanie Speck
  • Newton Crosby
  • Ben Jabituya
  • Howard Marner
  • Skroeder
  • Frank
  • Number 5 (voix)
  • Duke
  • Otis
  • Mrs. Cepeda
  • Général Washburne
  • Senator Mills
  • Howard Marner's Aide
  • Norman
  • Zack

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