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Shockwave Darkside




It is the last, great war. The final two tribes of humanity are locked in a death struggle for the last resource: water, frozen in the deep craters of the moon. Five survivors of a doomed assault are trapped a thousand miles behind enemy lines. With limited air and time, they have no choice but to start a dangerous track back to safety.But the moon has a secret... one that could save their lives, and destroy the very thing that they are fighting for. Inspired by the storytelling of classic science-fiction literature from the 50's, but with a 21st century 3D twist, Shockwave, Darkside is an exciting, thoughtful and timely exploration of the tense intersection between faith and reason...

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Us poster from the movie Shockwave Darkside

Main Cast

  • The Machine
  • Dalton
  • Private Lang
  • Corporal Kim
  • Private Schorr
  • Medic Wilson
  • Private Hayes
  • Video strip poker hologram
  • Soldier #3
  • Gunship 'Irma' Co-
  • Moon Base Battery Gunner
  • Moon Base Announcer 2
  • Gunship 'Irma' Co-
  • Gunship 'Irma' Co-
  • Soldier #4


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