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Aliens 2




Its the future, and the city of Venice is an underwater stronghold which now contains a fully functional conglomerate company that have been experimenting with evolutionary DNA on humans. No one has heard from the occupants for some time so a crack unit of marines are shipped out to get to the bottom of it. Once inside the labyrinth of corridors, the unit are soon attacked by crazed technicians who have been infected by the DNA project. The danger of the mutant deformities and creatures increase the deeper they get towards their objective of the main laboratory. While managing to evade the monstrous onslaught, surviving team members discover a young girl sole survivor they eventually coax into guiding them to the lab. All is not as it seems though as amongst the ranks there is a robotic humanoid ready to sabotage the mission and make sure that the DNA project survives outside of the complex...

Italian release date: August 22, 1990

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Italian poster from the movie Aliens 2 (Terminator II)

Main Cast

  • Samuel Fuller
  • Sara
  • Koster
  • Lieutentant Franzini
  • Commander Dalton Bond
  • Samantha
  • Drake
  • Kowalsky
  • Caine
  • Price
  • Parson
  • First Scientist
  • Second Scientist
  • First Soldier
  • Speaker



No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Shocking Dark (int)

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