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It is known as S-11, a diabolical hybrid of shark and octopus created by genetic scientist Nathan Sands as the U.S. Navy’s next super-weapon. But when its control implants are damaged during a training experiment, the beast escapes to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a taste of sun, sand, bikini babes, jet-skiers, spring breakers and beyond. Now a hotshot mercenary, an investigative reporter, and Sand’s biomechanical engineer daughter must stop a creature like none ever witnessed before: It has superior intelligence. It attacks without warning. And it likes to snack on bungee jumpers.

Us release date: September 25, 2010

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Sharktopus

Main Cast

  • Nathan Sands
  • Andy Flynn
  • Nicole Sands
  • Bones
  • Stacy Everheart
  • Santos
  • Pez
  • Commander Cox
  • Bree
  • Lisa
  • Bungee Jumper
  • Frat Boy
  • Bikini Girl with Bum
  • Gordon
  • Maria


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