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Project Shadowchaser II




In the ultimate battle of man vs. machine, a beautiful scientist and a hard-hitting engineer join forces against a super-human android programmed to steal a top-secret nuclear weapon...

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French poster from the movie Project Shadowchaser II

Main Cast

  • Android
  • Frank Meade
  • Laurie Webber
  • Ricky
  • Joe Hutton
  • John O'Hara
  • Carl Reitman
  • Général McOwell
  • Tieg
  • Prine
  • Granger
  • Red
  • Wiggs
  • Edward Johnson
  • Carla

Also Known As

  • Project Shadowchaser: Night Siege (inc)
  • Night Siege (inc)
  • Armed and Deadly (inc)
  • Night Siege: Project Shadowchaser II (us)

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