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Sex Files: Alien Erotica




An alien life form invades the female crew members of a long distance spacecraft returning to Earth. The lien presence, whose life force is sustained from the energy released through sexual encounters, has the ability to manifest itself physically, satisfying its hunger for sex by cloning the body of any female it touches. Upon reaching Earth, special agents of the FBI's "Alien Files" are called in to investigate the strange behavior of the returned crew, as the alien presence, shifting from body to body, escapes the compound in search of its mate, who was stranded on Earth years before.

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Unknown artwork from the movie Sex Files: Alien Erotica

Main Cast

  • Agent Preston
  • Colonel Parks
  • Agent Forrest
  • Anne Gallo
  • Guard 1
  • Lt. Russ Allen
  • Officer Dunne
  • Dr. Claire Danning
  • Lou Benson
  • Karen Gilmore
  • Kelly O'Conner
  • Nancy
  • Security Guard George
  • Gas Station Attendant
  • Will


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