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The Handmaid's Tale




In the near future, pollution has rendered women sterile : only 1% of them can still procreate. The United States has entered a civil war that has dislocated the country in several States. One of them is dominated by a Christian movement fundamentalist, and has taken for name the Republic of Galaad.
This regime has undertaken an ethnic and moral purification policy. Ethnic minorities and homosexuals are deported to the "colonies", insalubrious territories because of the pollution. Women are reduced in slavery or to the state of servants, except if they belong to the dominant class or are fertile. While she attempts to leave the Republic with her husband and her daughter, Kate is stopped at the frontier. Her husband is killed. Separated from her daughter, she is recognized fertile and sent to a Red Center, to become a Servant...

British release date: November 02, 1990
Us release date: March 09, 1990

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French poster from the movie The Handmaid's Tale

Also Known As

  • Рассказ служанки (inc)

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