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No danger is too great. No life is unimportant. When danger threatens, look to the skies and witness the mighty rescue craft of International Rescue soaring into action!

Thunderbird I streaks into action at 15,000 mph. Thunderbird 2, close behind, delivers the world's most advanced rescue technology. International Rescue - the supersecret organization founded by millionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy and his sons - will never give up at any cost!

British release date: September 30, 1965

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Unknown artwork from the series Thunderbirds

Main Cast

  • Jeff Tracy
  • Scott Tracy
  • Brains
  • John Tracy
  • Tin-Tin Kyrano
  • Alan Tracy
  • Virgil Tracy
  • Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward

Also Known As

  • International Rescue (uk)
  • Tairnearan Tar As (uk)

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