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The Secret of Moonacre




After being orphaned, young Maria Merryweather leaves her luxurious home to live with her eccentric uncle at the mysterious Moonacre Manor. There, she discovers a magical world torn apart by an ancient feud and inhabited by outlandish characters and mythical beasts. Now, Maria must unearth the secrets of her past before the 5000th moon rises and Moonacre Manor disappears into the sea forever...

French release date: May 13, 2009
Hungarian release date: November 19, 2009
British release date: February 06, 2009
Us release date: August 12, 2010

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Us poster from the movie The Secret of Moonacre

Also Known As

  • Holdhercegnő (hu)
  • The Moon Princess (inc)
  • The Little White Horse (inc)

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