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The Second Civil War




What happens when Governor Farley of Idaho decides to close his state's borders rather than allow a planeload of immigrant orphans to make it their home? As the crisis escalates, it all depends on the Governor of Idaho. Will he be open to peaceful negotiations? Not before he's negotiated his way back into the bedroom of his businesslike NewsNet reporter Christina Fernandez with whom he is having a stormy affair. NewsNet is covering the tension at the Idaho state border as armed forces move in from either side. Will the Governor give way to his immigrant love or anti-immigration war? Either way, it looks like there'll be nothing civil about The Second Civil War...

Us release date: March 15, 1997

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French poster from the TV movie The Second Civil War

Main Cast

  • Gov. Jim Farley
  • Helena Newman
  • The President
  • Jim Kalla
  • Jack Buchan
  • Mel Burgess
  • Christina
  • Vinnie Franko
  • Alan Manieski
  • Jimmy Cannon
  • Congressman Singh
  • Maj. Gen. Charles Buford
  • Chief of Staff
  • Eddie O'Neill
  • Secretary of Defense


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