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SeaQuest DSV




Travel to the spectacular undersea world of SeaQuest DSV. The amazing adventure takes place in the mid-21st century, as humankind expands its undersea colonization efforts and a tenuous world peace is enforced by the United Earth Oceans (UEO). In order to protect the fledgling underwater colonies form unknown dangers and hostile invaders lurking in the depths of Earth's last frontier, the UEO recruits Captain Nathan Bridger to command the high-tech battle submarine seaQuest and its diverse and eclectic crew...

Us release date: September 12, 1993

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Unknown artwork from the series SeaQuest DSV

Main Cast

  • Lucas Wolenczak
  • Commander Jonathan Ford
  • Lt. j.g. Timothy O'Neill
  • Captain Nathan Bridger
  • Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz
  • Dagwood
  • Tony Piccolo
  • Helmswoman Lonnie Henderson
  • Lt. James Brody
  • Special Vocal Effects
  • Lt. Benjamin Krieg
  • Lt. Cmdr. Katherine Hitchcoc
  • Chief Manilow Crocker
  • Dr. Kristin Westphalen

Also Known As

  • SeaQuest 2032 (us)

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