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The Black Scorpion




Two american geologists follow scientific researches on slopes of a Mexican volcano. They are suddenly confronted with the fright of residents of a village. The volcanic eruption allowed giant scorpions to exit the ground. These monsters from a prehistoric era seem totally uncontrollable and threaten to exterminate the population. The army is called in reinforcement while one of the geologists attempts to kill the huge scorpions with the help of an electrical harpoon. While the hysteria spreads in the city, a strategy is elaborate : to regroup the harmful creatures in a great stadium and to annihilate them definitively...

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Us release date: October 11, 1957

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Us poster from the movie The Black Scorpion

Main Cast

  • Hank Scott
  • Teresa Alvarez
  • Artur Ramos
  • Juanito
  • Dr. Velazco
  • José de la Cruz
  • Florentina
  • Father Delgado
  • Major Cosio

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