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Scared to Death




Deep within the confines of Norton Cyberdyne Labs, the perfect soldier has been created: a SYNthesized GENetic ORganism – the Syngenor. Only weeks form completion, the Syngenor escapes and starts a reign of fear and terror that puts the lives of its creators and the personnel assigned to hunt it down at great risk. This time, science has gone too far…

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Us poster from the movie Scared to Death

Main Cast

  • Ted Lonergan
  • Jennifer Stanton
  • Detective Lou Capell (also
  • Sherry Carpenter
  • Police Chief Dennis Warren
  • Janie Richter
  • Howard Tindall
  • Virgil Watson
  • Kathy Sperry
  • Kelly - Victim #5
  • Michael, roller skater
  • Scott, roller skater
  • Sandy, rollerskater
  • Victor Colter
  • Police Lab Man

Also Known As

  • The Aberdeen Experiment (inc)
  • Scared to Death: Syngenor (us)

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