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The action centres around a group of psychics known as 'scanners' who are capable of reading people's minds. Whilst this power could be used for the good of mankind these telepathic misfits also have the uncanny ability to lock into the human nervous system causing their unfortunate victime' heads to explode.

When doctors succeed in recruiting a good 'scanner' to go in search of those who are abusing there powers, the scene is set for a truly mind-blowing experience...

Canadian release date: January 16, 1981
Us release date: January 14, 1981

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Us poster from the movie Scanners

Main Cast

  • Kim Obrist
  • Cameron Vale
  • Dr. Paul Ruth
  • Braedon Keller
  • Darryl Revok
  • Benjamin Pierce
  • Security One
  • Trevellyan
  • Arno Crostic
  • Programmer 1
  • Dieter Tautz
  • Killer in Record Store
  • Killer in Attic
  • Killer in Attic
  • Killer in Barn

Also Known As

  • Сканнеры (inc)

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