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Save the Green Planet!




Hopped up on conspiracy theories and sci-fi, Lee, blue collar sack, is on a mission to save the world. Andromedan aliens have infiltrated human society and are planning to destroy the planet at the next lunar eclipse. The one alien possessing the Royal Genetic Code needed to stop this plan just happens to be his old boss. With the help of his circus performer girlfriend, he kidnaps and tortures him in a desperate attempt to expose his alien identity. With time running out, how far will Lee go to get his confession?

South korean release date: April 04, 2003
British release date: September 24, 2004

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Unknown poster from the movie Save the Green Planet! (Jigureul jikyeora!)

Main Cast

  • Lee Byeong-gu
  • Kang Man-shik
  • Su-ni
  • Inspector Choo
  • Inspector Kim
  • Squad Leader Lee
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Detective Jang


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