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Warning from Space




Astronomers discover an extraterrestrial satellite orbiting in space, pounding Earth's surface with thousands of meteorites. The meteors turn out to be flying saucers, transporting bizarre alien creatures who carry with them a desperate message for the world's leaders. The visitors announce that a runaway planet on a collision course with Earth is certain to destroy the planet, but the aliens have a plan. As tidal waves engulf cities and chaos rules the streets, human scientists combine their technology with the alien brainpower to save the Earth and restore peace...

Japanese release date: January 29, 1956

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Spanish poster from the movie Warning from Space (Uchûjin Tôkyô ni arawaru)

Main Cast

  • Dr. Toru Itsobe
  • Hikari Aozora / Ginko
  • No. 2 Pairan
  • The Elder Dr. Itsobe
  • Dr. Kamura
  • Taeko Kamura
  • Mrs. Matsuda
  • Dr. Matsuda
  • ...
  • Policeman
  • Dr. Takashima
  • Mrs. Tokuko Isobe
  • News Repoter Hoshino (USA) /
  • Japanese Bar' Ucyû
  • Mystery Man



Also Known As

  • Unknown Satellite Over Tokyo (inc)
  • The Mysterious Satellite (inc)
  • The Cosmic Man Appears in Tokyo (inc)
  • Spacepeople Appear in Tokyo (inc)
  • Space Men Appear in Tokyo (inc)

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