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The Blood of Heroes




Sometime in the future... only the sport of surviving in a wasted world is the brutal sport of "Jugging". Here legs are broken, bodies torn limb from limb, faces scared as runners fight to achieve brutal victory and make it to the top of the league. When Sallow (Rutger Hauer) a merciless Jugger, loses his toughest player in a battle, he takes on Kidda (Joan Chen), a young female apprentice so hungry to win she'd rather die - or kill - than face defeat. Together they make an unbeatable team. Sallow and his band of Juggers are preparing themselves to challenge the League of Nine Cities - a fight Sallow both relishes and fears. Once a champion for the League, Sallow was expelled for loving the mistress of the ruling Overworld - but now the time has come for him to reclaim his honor in a devastating, no-holds barred fight to the finish. Sallow will show no mercy when metal meets bone and the cheering crowds watch the victor rise - and the defeated fall.

Australian release date: October 19, 1989
British release date: October 12, 1990
Us release date: February 23, 1990

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Us poster from the movie The Blood of Heroes

Main Cast

  • Sallow
  • Mbulu
  • Big Cimber
  • Young Gar
  • Gandhi
  • Dog Boy
  • Samchin Boy
  • Kidda
  • Kidda's Father
  • Samchin Head Elder
  • Samchin Timekeeper
  • Samchin Peasant #1
  • Samchin Peasant #2
  • Samchin Peasant #3
  • Kidda's Mother

Also Known As

  • The Salute of the Jugger (au)
  • Salute of the Jugger (uk)

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