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The Running Man




In a near future where media and government are allied for more power, humanity is divided by

lies. To make the population forget their daily social difficulties, we call in the great tradition of circus games and fights such as those practiced in the

ancient Rome. The television floods episodes of these cruel games not in just any arena, but in a devastated zone of Los Angeles that was destroyed

by the earthquake of 1994.

Participants are criminals. To obtain their liberty, players have to escape bloody hunters egged on by shouts of

the live audience. Ben Richards, an ex-cop forced to participate in the game, is a victim of the dictatorial regime that deceives the public by falsifying

images of the so-called criminals. But Richards wants to tell the truth to the world and to expose the media's lies. To archieve this, it is necessary

that he must survive the game...
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British release date: October 21, 1988
Us release date: November 13, 1987

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French poster from the movie The Running Man

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