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Thru the Moebius Strip




Physicist Simon Weir becomes lost and trapped in a distant planet after he crosses a space-time portal he created. Eight years later, his son, Jac Weir, a brave, resourceful 14 year old boy, who grew up refusing to accept the loss of his father, finally finds the portal and crosses over to the Planet Raphicca, 27.2 million light years away. Jac finds that his father is prisoner in a kingdom of giant aliens who believe in magic and a medieval code of chivalry. In the midst of a raging battle between good and evil, Jac rescues his father, his newfound family of aliens, the planet of Raphicca, and ultimately, the Universe...

Us release date: September 30, 2011

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French poster from the movie Thru the Moebius Strip

Main Cast

  • Prince Ragis (voix)
  • Jac Weir (voix)
  • Simon Weir (voix)
  • King Tor (voix)
  • Daelis (voix)
  • Caroline Weir (voix)
  • Allana (voix)
  • Arthur (voix)
  • Talking Head (voix)
  • Guard (voix)
  • Agent Po (voix)
  • King Akis (voix)
  • Arthur (voix)
  • Bodkus (voix)
  • Soldier (voix)


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Also Known As

  • Through the Moebius Strip (us)

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