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Night of the Lepus




Giant Flesh Eating Rabbits Ravage American Southwest after Scientist Slips Up!. The trouble begins when a researcher's experiment to use hormone injections to control Arizona's burgeoning rabbit population goes terribly awry causing the cuddly rodents to get grow to enormous proportions. In order to facilitate their growth, the rabbits need extra protein, and what better source than the relatively slow-moving human population that surrounds their huge subterranean lairs?

Us release date: October 04, 1972

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Us poster from the movie Night of the Lepus

Main Cast

  • Roy Bennett
  • Gerry Bennett
  • Cole Hillman
  • Elgin Clark
  • Sheriff Cody
  • Amanda Bennett
  • Jackie Hillman
  • Jud
  • Frank
  • Mildred
  • Dr. Leopold
  • Professeur Dirkson
  • Deputy Jason
  • Housekeeper
  • Walker

Also Known As

  • Ночь Лепуса (inc)
  • Rabbits (us)

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