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Robot Monster




The bellicose Ro-man, alien robots have annihilated the human population thanks to a cosmic ray. But before they can colonize the Earth, the leader Ro-man gives order to his subordinate on our planet to kill the eight last survivors. Among them, the family of the little Johnny, whose father, a professor, developped a serum protecting humans from the lethal ray...

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Us release date: June 25, 1953

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Us poster from the movie Robot Monster

Main Cast

  • Roy
  • Alice
  • Mother
  • The Professeur
  • Johnny
  • Carla
  • Ro-Man the Monster / Great G
  • Ro-Man / Great Guidance (voi

Also Known As

  • Monster from Mars (inc)
  • Робот-монстр (inc)
  • Monsters from the Moon (us)

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