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Thanks to RoboCop Alex Murphy and the OCP, futuristic Delta City has been considered the safest place on earth for the past ten years. But that is about to change. A mysterious criminal known as Bone Machine stirs Murphy's suspicions. Murphy teams up with his former partner, John Cable, to investigate the dealings. Unknowingly they stumble across information uncovering an evil group of government officials called The Trust... lead by Murphy's own son! Frantic to conceal their illegal activity and silence the two partners, the Trust programs Murphy to kill John Cable.

Canadian release date: January 04, 2001
Us release date: July 16, 2001

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Main Cast

  • Alex J. Murphy
  • John Terrence Cable
  • Sara Cable
  • James Murphy
  • Damian Lowe
  • Ed Hobley
  • Malcolm X-Plosion
  • Chuck Conflagration
  • Johnny Nitro
  • Motor City Mangler
  • Trooper Kirk DC
  • Lead OCP Trooper
  • Chief of Police
  • DC Trooper
  • Trooper McCoy DC


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • RoboCop: Prime Directives - Crash and Burn (us)
  • RoboCop: Prime Directives - Dark Justice (us)
  • RoboCop: Prime Directives - Meltdown (us)
  • RoboCop: Prime Directives - Resurrection (us)
  • Robocop 4 (us)

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