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Robocop is a high tech Cyborg developed by OCP (Omni Consumer Products), the technology conglomerate that rules Detroit City has developed the Delta City project, designed to keep the city free of violence. Manufactured from remains of Alex Murphy, a police officer killed in action, Robocop is born, half man/half machine. Indestructible and armed to the teeth, the Cyborg fights crime, including super criminals like the mad scientist Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo and Pudface Morgan (Who is disfigured by toxic waste.)
Corrected by Jeff Brookshire

Canadian release date: March 14, 1994
British release date: March 15, 1995
Us release date: March 14, 1994

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Unknown poster from the series Robocop (RoboCop)

Main Cast

  • Alex Murphy
  • Detective Lisa Madigan
  • Sergeant Stanley Parks
  • Diana Powers
  • OCP Chairman
  • Gadget
  • Bo Harlan
  • Rocky Crenshaw
  • Charlie Lippencott
  • Nancy Murphy
  • Robocop Stunt Double


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • RoboCop: The Series (inc)

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