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The Day of the Triffids




A devastating meteor shower blinds Earth. Carnivorous, moving plants called Triffids are proliferating and commence total destruction of the planet. Thank goodness for two biologists, not blinded for various reasons, who hide out in a lighthouse. They discover by chance, that Triffids die when put in contact with salt water.

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Us release date: April 27, 1963

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Us poster from the movie The Day of the Triffids

Main Cast

  • Bill Masen
  • Christine Durrant
  • Karen Goodwin
  • Tom Goodwin
  • Mr. Coker
  • Dr. Soames
  • Miss Coker
  • Luis de la Vega
  • Susan - Child on the Train
  • Teresa de la Vega
  • Capitaine - SS Midland
  • Bettina
  • Flight 356 Radioman
  • Nurse Jamieson
  • Greenhouse Watchman

Also Known As

  • День триффидов (inc)
  • Invasion of the Triffids (inc)
  • Revolt of the Triffids (inc)

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