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The Revenge of Frankenstein



The Revenge of Frankenstein

(The Revenge of Frankenstein)
4.0 rating star score

A movie directed by Terence Fisher
1958 - 90 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.66 : 1
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In the year 1860, Baron Frankenstein was condemned to death for the brutal murders committed by the monster he had created... The whole continent breathed a sigh of relief when the guillotine was called upon to end his life of infamy. But what didn't knew, was that a priest had been guillotined in his place and Frankenstein returned in the little city of Carlsbruck and continued to exert his profession and his researches under the identity of Doctor Victor Stein... » Get more informations…

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Us release date: June 01, 1958

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Unknown poster from the movie The Revenge of Frankenstein

Main Cast

  • Docteur Victor Stein
  • Docteur Hans Kleve
  • Margaret
  • Karl
  • Bergman
  • Fritz
  • Dwarf
  • Up Patient
  • President
  • Inspector
  • Molke
  • Countess Barscynska
  • Vera Barscynska
  • Janitor
  • Kurt



Also Known As

  • I Frankenstein (inc)
  • Blood of Frankenstein (inc)
  • Месть Франкенштейна (inc)

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