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The Return of Doctor X




The journalist Walter Barnett believes to hold a scoop when he discovers the dead body of the actress he was to interview. His enthusiasm is short duration since the corpse disapear when the police arrives and when the actress, pale but alive, makes a scandal to the newspaper. Barnett is fired but he refuses to abandon the inquiry. Investigations he leads with a friend doctor drive them toward hospitable milieus and, more particularly, toward a famous ematologist...

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Us release date: December 02, 1939

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Unknown poster from the movie The Return of Doctor X

Main Cast

  • Walter 'Wichita' Garrett (on
  • Joan Vance
  • Dr. Maurice Xavier, aka Mars
  • Dr. Mike Rhodes
  • Dr. Francis Flegg
  • Angela Merrova
  • Pinky
  • Detective Roy Kincaid
  • Miss Sweetman
  • Chairman (scenes deleted)
  • Undertaker
  • Guide (scenes deleted)
  • Detective Sgt. Moran
  • Hotel Manager
  • Stanley Rodgers

Also Known As

  • The Return of Dr. X (us)

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