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The Invisible Man Returns




Geoffrey Radcliffe, owner of a large coal mining operation, is falsely imprisoned and awaits hanging for the murder of his brother. Hours before his execution Geoffrey mysteriously disappears from prison after a visit from his friend Dr. Frank Griffin. A police investigator named Sampson figures out that Radcliffe escaped by taking an invisibility drug given to him by the doctor. Sampson also discovers that Griffin is the brother of the original Invisible Man--Jack Griffin.

Radcliffe mounts a search for his brother's real killer while Griffin embarks on a desperate mission to find an antidote to the invisibility formula. Can Griffin find the cure before Radcliffe succumbs to the same madness and must be shot by the police like the original Invisible Man? (Corrected by Anonymous)

Us release date: January 12, 1940

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British poster from the movie The Invisible Man Returns

Main Cast

  • Richard Cobb
  • Geoffrey Radcliffe
  • Helen Manson
  • Docteur Frank Griffin
  • Inspector Sampson of Scotlan
  • Willie Spears
  • Ben Jenkins

Also Known As

  • Человек-невидимка возвращается (inc)

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