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Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again




Henry Jekyll is a well-respected scientist who discovers a way to isolate man's "animal instinct". The only problem is that his inner animal turns out to be a gold-toothed, hairy-chested party-animal named Mr. Hyde. The classic struggle between good and evil takes a back seat to opportunities for off-the-wall zaniness at every turn. Jekyll and Hyde Together Again keeps the unapologetically non-PC jokes coming one after another in one of Hollywood's classic spoofs.

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Us poster from the movie Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again

Main Cast

  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Mary Carew
  • Ivy
  • Dr. Knute Lanyon
  • Dr. Carew
  • Queen
  • Busty Nurse
  • Barbara Blau
  • Hubert Howes
  • Male Student #1
  • Female Student
  • Male Student #2
  • Female Patient
  • Mrs. Larson
  • Little Asian Girl



$5 000 000

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