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Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed




Evil Dr. Frankenstein gets interested in brain transplants but discovers the expert, Dr. Pravda, he hoped to work with has gone mad and is in an asylum. He forces a young medical couple to help him free Pravda but the man is accidentally killed. Nevertheless, Frankenstein transplants Pravda's brain into the body of an asylum inmate that Frankenstein has murdered. These things never work out as intended...

British release date: May 22, 1969
Us release date: February 11, 1970

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Us poster from the movie Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Main Cast

  • Baron Frankenstein
  • Anna
  • Professeur Richter
  • Karl
  • Inspector Frisch
  • Ella Brandt
  • Docteur Brandt
  • Police Docteur
  • Mad Woman
  • Guest - Plumber
  • Guest - Playing chess
  • Guest - Smoking pipe
  • Guest - Reading newspaper
  • Principal
  • Dr. Heidecke



Also Known As

  • Франкенштейн должен быть уничтожен (inc)

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