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Resident Evil: Degeneration




The "Umbrella Incident" that took place in Raccoon City was ended with the eradication of the deadly virus by a missile attack ordered by the government. As its operations were suspended on a global scale, Umbrella Corporation stock plummeted. This serious blow to the business giant resulted in its complete dissolution. 7 years later, at an airport somewhere in the United States. An ordinary autumn afternoon. One zombie is unleashed into this peaceful scene to attack everyone. In the airport starting to fill up with the undead, the horrific disaster is about to be repeat itself...

Japanese release date: October 17, 2008
Japanese release date: October 18, 2008

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French poster from the movie Resident Evil: Degeneration

Main Cast

  • Leon S. Kennedy (voix)
  • Claire Redfield (voix)
  • Angela Miller (voix)
  • Curtis Miller (voix)
  • Frederic Downing (voix)
  • Rani Chawla (voix)
  • Senator Ron Davis (voix)
  • Ingrid Hunnigan (voix)
  • Aunt (voix)
  • Greg Glenn (voix)
  • WilPharma CEO (voix)
  • President (voix)
  • Various (voix)
  • Various (voix)
  • Various (voix)

Also Known As

  • Biohazard: Degeneration (inc)
  • Resident Evil CG (inc)
  • Biohazard CG (jp)

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