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Danish mining engineers discover the tail of a huge prehistoric monster buried in the ice near the arctic circle. The tail is taken to Copenhagen where it's accidentally thawed and begins the process of regeneration, growing into a full-size monster! Reptilicus attacks the city, and the army is called in to try and destroy the beast... » Get more informations…

Danish release date: February 20, 1961

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Us poster from the movie Reptilicus

Main Cast

  • Svend Viltorft
  • Prof. Otto Martens
  • Dr. Peter Dalby
  • Lise Martens
  • Karen Martens
  • Petersen
  • Connie Miller (American vers
  • Gen. Mark Grayson
  • Capt. Einer Brandt
  • Elle-même - nightclub singe
  • Police Chief Hassing
  • Police Officer Olsen
  • Journalist
  • Badegæst

Also Known As

  • Рептиликус (inc)

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