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In a labyrinthal Paris where any move is controlled and filmed, Ilona Tasuiev, a young scientist envied by all for her beauty and her intelligence, is kidnaped. Avalon, the enterprise that employs her forces Karas, controversed policeman, specialized in kidnapping businesses, to find as quickly as possible the disapeared woman. Soon, Karas feels a presence in his wake. He is not the only one Ilona's steps and his followers seem to be ready for all to outstrip him. Finding Ilona becomes a life-or-death matter : the young woman is the risk of an occult war that exceeds her. She is the key of a protocol implicating the future of the human genre. The Muller protocol... » Get more informations…

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French release date: March 15, 2006
British release date: July 28, 2006
Us release date: September 22, 2006

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French poster from the movie Renaissance

Main Cast

  • Barthélémy Karas (voice)
  • Ilona Tasuiev (voice)
  • Jonas Muller (voice)
  • Nusrat Farfella (voice)
  • Bislane Tasuiev (voice)
  • Paul Dellenbach (voice)
  • Karas (voice)
  • Bislane (voice)
  • Ilona (voice)
  • Dellenbach (voice)
  • Muller (voice)
  • Amiel (voice)
  • Nurses (voice)
  • Parisian (voice)
  • Nayhib (voice)

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