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The Reluctant Astronaut




Knotts is Royal Fleming, a carnival worker who runs a spaceship ride for kids. Concerned about his future, Royal's dad sends an application to NASA-in his son's name! After being accepted, Royal sets out for Florida-only to discover his new job involves sweeping floors, not space travel. That is until NASA learns of Russia's plans to put a civilian in orbit-and chooses Royal to man its own experimental flight. Summoning his courage, the reluctant astronaut blasts into space, and an unlikely hero is born!

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Us poster from the movie The Reluctant Astronaut

Main Cast

  • Roy Fleming
  • Major Fred Gifford
  • Ellie Jackson
  • Donelli
  • Mrs. Fleming
  • Plank
  • Buck Fleming
  • Blonde in Bar
  • Bert
  • Aunt Zana
  • Rush
  • Cervantes
  • Moran


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