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The Relic




Following the arrival of a mysterious collection of South American relics at the National History Museum on a ship where all the crew are found dead, evolutionary biologist Margo Green and police Leuitenant D'Agosta become unlikely partners when a series of gruesome murders take place at Green's normally tranquil museum. In a race against time and as the horrific body count rises Green and D'Agosta have to hunt this supernatural killer before it's too late...

German release date: May 01, 1997
Japanese release date: May 31, 1997
New zealander release date: August 21, 1997
British release date: May 16, 1997
Us release date: January 10, 1997

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Us poster from the movie The Relic

Also Known As

  • Das Relikt - Das Museum der Angst (de)
  • Das Relikt (de)

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