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Queen of Outer Space




A group of astronaunts in "futuristic" 1985 crash-landed on Venus where they are captives of a race of powerful Venusian warrior women. With the help of a lovely scientist, the Earthmen will not only defeat the evil masked Queen, but liberate the planet as well...

Us release date: September 07, 1958

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Us poster from the movie Queen of Outer Space

Main Cast

  • Talleah
  • Capt. Neal Patterson
  • Lt. Mike Cruze
  • Reine Yllana
  • Motiya
  • Prof. Konrad
  • Lt. Larry Turner
  • Kaeel
  • Odeena
  • Venusian Girl
  • Vénusienne
  • Vénusienne
  • Vénusienne
  • Vénusienne
  • Vénusienne

Also Known As

  • Queen of the Universe (inc)

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