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Red Planet Mars




Worldwide havoc is created when an American scientist establishes radio contact with Mars using equipment developed by a Nazi war criminal. When the United States receives messages of an ideal life on Mars, where the span is 300 years and where the agricultural abundance and energy efficiency is stupendous, the people are thrown into a state of panic. The messages then call for the rebirth of the worship of God, which brings a quick revolution in the Soviet Union. But soon a question arises that threatens to cause event more turmoil : did the messages really come from Mars... or is there an imposter ? » Get more informations…

Us release date: May 15, 1952

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Us poster from the movie Red Planet Mars

Main Cast

  • Chris Cronyn
  • Linda Cronyn
  • Franz Calder
  • Admiral Bill Carey
  • Arjenian
  • President
  • Secretary of Defense Sparks
  • Stewart Cronyn
  • Roger Cronyn

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