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Billy Duncan, a young perturbated man discovers in the desert an abandonned alien weapon, a powerful laser beam and a pendant allowing to trigger it. Little by little, the necklace is going "to possess" Billy and to transform him physically. By night, holding his laser beam, he leaves to have revenge on those who were bad with him...

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Us release date: March 01, 1978

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Us poster from the movie Laserblast

Main Cast

  • Billy Duncan
  • Kathy Farley
  • Tony Craig
  • Sheriff
  • Deputy Pete Ungar
  • Deputy Jesse Jeep
  • Chuck Boran
  • Froggy
  • Colonel Farley
  • Docteur Mellon (closing cred
  • Mike London
  • Gas Station Attendant
  • Franny Walton
  • Carolyn Spicer
  • Hip Kid

Also Known As

  • Лазерный взрыв (inc)

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