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On the high energy Star Car racing circuit, driver Trance Caldron and Team Earth are independent, undisciplined, and out to prove themselves. After they stumble onto an attempt by archrival Team Tagmatian to overthrow the peacekeeping Alliance leadership, the prestigious Star Car Championship becomes a mach speed backdrop for a deadly showdown where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Trance must push his car, his team, and himself to the limit. In a race between good and evil... Winning is everything.

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Us poster from the movie Race

Main Cast

  • Trance Caldron / Bradford /
  • Lord Helter
  • Samuel Potter
  • Stash
  • Sola / Drayka
  • Frikes / Gortak
  • Chancellor Nedon / Partak
  • Chenti
  • T.E.S. Computer
  • Additional Voices
  • Additional Voices
  • Additional Voices
  • Additional Voices
  • Additional Voices



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Worldwide Box-office
$25 195 000

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