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The Questor Tapes




Questor is an android robot designed to be indistinguishable on the surface from a normal human being. this android is more than just an ‘ambulatory computer’ but actually has the power to reason, to learn rapidly, and to wrestle with the puzzle ‘am i alive?’ Questor was placed here by a far-off benevolent race which programmed it with the duty to pose as a human while secretly engaging in tasks necessary to mankind’s survival during this most critical period in human history.

Us release date: January 23, 1974

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French poster from the TV movie The Questor Tapes

Main Cast

  • Questor
  • Jerry Robinson
  • Geoffrey Darro
  • Vaslovik
  • Dr. Chen
  • Dr. Michaels
  • Lady Helena Trimble
  • Allison Sample
  • Dr. Bradley
  • Dr. Gorlov
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Dr. Audret
  • Randolph
  • Stewardess
  • Immigration Offical

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