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Eyes Behind the Stars




A spaceship has landed near a little town of California, leaving behind it strange caps in a field. During a session, a photographer and his model are disturbed by an indefinable presence. When he develops his films, the photographer sees the spaceship on many pictures. He hurries to inform his friend - Tony Harris a reporter - of his discovery. Tony tries with difficulties to convince the direction of his newspaper of the importance of the event. With the help of expert Perry Coleman, it is going to attempt to dicover the truth. But a secret organization, specialized in extraterrestrial phenomena, has all interest to cancel these informations...

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Italian release date: February 21, 1978

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Italian poster from the movie Eyes Behind the Stars (Occhi dalle stelle)

Main Cast

  • Tony Harris
  • Monica Stiles
  • Inspector Jim Grant
  • Karin Hale
  • Coleman Perry
  • Leader of 'The Silencers'
  • The Silencers henchman
  • Peter Collins
  • Air Marshal Thompson
  • ...
  • The Silencers henchman
  • Agent for 'The Silencers'
  • Phillips - Inspector Grant's
  • Commander Smith
  • Farmer


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