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Quatermass conclusion




In a world that has become anarchic, where violence reigns and where the law collapses, superpower units and tempt to create a unit soldered. But youth populations are attracted by neolithic stone circles where they are aspired, reaped. This is a trap climbed by the aliens that want to invade the earth...

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Unknown poster from the movie Quatermass conclusion (The Quatermass Conclusion)

Main Cast

  • Prof. Bernard Quatermass
  • Joe Kapp
  • Clare Kapp
  • Annie Morgan
  • Gurov
  • Kickalong
  • Caraway
  • Bee
  • Hettie Carlson
  • Isabel
  • Sal
  • Tommy Roach
  • Frank Chen
  • Alison Thorpe
  • Chuck Marshall


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