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The Purple Monster Strikes




A Martian is the vanguard to an invasion of Earth. Using a special gas, the Purple Monster takes over the body of Dr. Layton and proceeds to gain control of the doctor's rocket project. Can secret service man Craig Foster stop him in time?

Us release date: August 03, 1945

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Us poster from the movie The Purple Monster Strikes

Main Cast

  • Craig Foster
  • Sheila Layton
  • The Purple Monster
  • Dr. Cyrus Layton
  • Hodge Garrett
  • Marcia [Chs. 11-13]
  • Emperor of Mars [Chs. 2, 10-
  • Carl Stewart
  • Saunders [Chs. 3-4]
  • Dr. Paul Meredith [Ch. 9]
  • Charles Mitchell [Chs. 1-2,
  • Helen / Maria posing as Hele
  • Dr. Harvey [Chs. 13-14]
  • Prof. Benjamin [Ch. 11]
  • Prof. Crandall


Also Known As

  • The Purple Shadow Strikes (inc)
  • D-Day on Mars (us)

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