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After their yacht is sunk, three misfit couples aboard a life raft float through a gloomy, fog-shrouded sea. Reaching an abandoned oil rig, the group discovers a secret lab used for dangerous genetic experiments. From the synthetic DNA known as PROTEUS, science has created a monster of unimaginable horror. Nicknamed “Charlie”, the creature lurks in the rig’s waterlogged shadows, inhabiting and taking the shape of every life form it touches. And now, “Charlie” has found human food. One by one, these six intrepid seafarers are about to discover why death is only the beginning of their terror. Come hell or high water, it’s survival of the fittest against an unstoppable killing machine...

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Us poster from the movie Proteus

Main Cast

  • Alex
  • Linda
  • Mark
  • Rachel
  • Paul
  • Christine
  • Buckley
  • Dr. Carol Soames
  • Dr. Shelley
  • Leonard Brinkstone
  • Brinkstone's Chinese Gu
  • Brinkstone's Chopper Pi
  • Brinkstone's Armed Guar
  • Brinkstone's Armed Guar
  • Brinkstone's Armed Guar

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