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Watchers Reborn




Ever since he lost his wife and son in a devastating fire, Detective Jack Murphy has wandered around life in a fog. But he is forced to face his terrifying memories when his partner Gus is killed in a mysterious slaying. Killed in a manner to brutal to be be human, too clever to be animal, the only clues to Gus' death are a vagabond golden retriever and Dr. Grace Hudson, the beautiful scientist who seeks him out. Dr. Hudson (Grace) tells Jack that Einstein, the dog, is actually one half of a super-secred government experiment. With an IQ of 140, the dog was designed as a tracker for a genetically engineered killing machine known as the Outsider. Jack and Grace must stop the outsider from killing again while preventing the NSA from terminating the experiment...killing everyone who has knowledge of its existence. But how do you stop a creature genetically predestined for murder?

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Unknown artwork from the movie Watchers Reborn

Main Cast

  • Murphy
  • Grace
  • Lem Johnson
  • Gus Brody
  • Doc Grimes
  • Barnes
  • Kristin
  • Researcher #1
  • Researcher #2
  • Agent
  • Agent #1
  • Agent #2
  • Clerk
  • Captain Dekker
  • Driver #2


No available information for now.


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Watchers 4 (us)

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